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Wedding seating plan

Wedding seating plan

8 October 2018

We often get asked at the hotel, what is the best seating plan for a wedding reception? Our answer to this is: it’s your wedding, so you can do it your way. Don’t feel pressured into arranging your seating plan to please other people. You want to enjoy your wedding day, so plan your seating in a way that you’ll enjoy it.

At the Mercure Glasgow City, we’re seeing people moving away from the ‘traditional’ seating arrangements of a top table, where typically the bride and groom had their parents, best man, and chief bridesmaid sat with them. This can be due to a number of reasons, whether it’s because people are getting married later, and want to have their children sat with them; or when families have expanded to include step-parents and siblings. The top table can include the bride and groom, best man and bridesmaids, or for close families, the bride and groom’s siblings.

We’re even seeing a move away from a ‘top’ table. We can cater for weddings where all the tables are round tables, enabling the bride and groom to sit with close friends; and not feel that all eyes are on them throughout the meal. The benefit of round tables is that everyone feels included in the conversation. Family members can be seated together, often giving them a chance for a long overdue catch up.

If you’re having a child friendly wedding, at the Mercure Glasgow City we can arrange a table for the children, which provides the younger generation a chance to sit together, and not feel constrained in the seating arrangements.

Of course, the seating arrangements won’t affect the speeches. Providing those giving a speech can be seen and heard, they can be sat anywhere at the reception. It can keep the guests entertained as they raise their glasses to the bride and groom.

Whatever you’re looking for to make your wedding day perfect, the Mercure Glasgow City will help you every step of the way. Just call 0141 441 1022, or email